Career Passports

Career Passports are short learning programmes that make a long-term difference in workforce confidence, agility, and productivity. All passports start with a foundation of core courses. Foundations require from 3 to 5 hours of focused participation. After foundations are complete, students can add optional courses to focus skills.

Personal career effectiveness today calls for much more than technical skills. In fact, corporations and career counselors tell us the most valued workplace skills are “soft skills.” These powerful skills arm you with the ability to adapt to a changing world of work.

Personal Effectiveness Passport Foundation Courses

  • The Art and Science of Communication
  • Using Active Listening in Workplace Situations
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Getting to the Root of the Problem
  • Defining Alternative Solutions to a Problem
  • Reaching Sound Conclusions
  • Becoming an Accountable Professional
  • Developing a Personal Accountability Framework
  • Uncovering and Utilizing Your Talent and Skills

Additional Courses

  • Listening Even When It’s Difficult to Listen
  • Planning an Effective Presentation
  • Encouraging Team Communication and Collaboration
  • Acting with Diplomacy and Tact
  • The Building Blocks of Building Trust
  • Handling Team Conflict
  • Confronting your Assumptions
  • Choosing and Using the Best Solution
  • The Art of Staying Focused
  • Investigating Arguments
  • Developing your Business Acumen
  • Aligning Goals and Priorities to Manage Time
  • Maximize your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks
  • Navigating your Own Emotions
  • Developing your Business Ethics
  • Becoming more Professional through Business Ethics\
  • Establishing Self-Confidence for Life
  • Leading through Positive Influence

Being successful in careers and in life requires excellent interpersonal and self-management skills. The Life Skills Passport is designed to give you a foundation of these key skills, selected to build personal power and credibility.

Life Skills Passport Foundation Courses

  • Cultivating Relationships with your Peers
  • Achieve Productivity in your Personal Life
  • Personal Power and Credibility
  • Making an Impact with Non-Verbal Communication
  • Trust building through Effective Communication
  • Using Active Listening in a Workplace Situation
  • Become a Great Listener
  • Taking Professional and Effective Notes

Additional Courses

  • Solving Problems: Generating and Evaluating Alternatives
  • Thinking Critically: Coming to Terms with Assumptions
  • Becoming your Own Best Boss
  • Learning from Failure
  • Polishing your Feedback Skills
  • Organize your Physical and Digital Workspace
  • Avoid Procrastination by Getting Organized Instead
  • Improving your Memory Skills
  • Self-Improvement for Lifelong Success
  • Improving your Reading Skills and Comprehension
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence: Building Self-Management Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence: Owning your Emotions
  • Difficult People: Can’t Change Them, so Change Yourself
  • Make the Time you Need: Get Organized
  • Time Management: Ready, Set, Focus

Leading dynamic teams today means being able to understand key business concepts, translate them into effective strategies and communicating effectively with team members so . The Leadership Essentials Passport covers the skills required to recruit, motivate and retain a dynamic team.

Leadership Essentials Passport Foundation Courses

  • Management and Leadership Essentials
  • Leadership Essentials: Communicating Vision
  • Leadership Essentials: Motivating Employees

Additional Courses

  • Leadership Essentials: Leading business Execution
  • Leadership Essentials: Creating your Own Leadership Development
  • Leadership Essentials: Leading Innovation
  • Leadership Essentials: Leading Change
  • Leadership Essentials: Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Essentials: Building your Influence as a Leader
  • Assessing your Own Leadership Performance
  • HR Competencies: Leadership and Ethical Practice
  • Managing Motivation during Organizational Change
  • Taking Action to Empower Employees


Want to Build Your Personal Effectiveness? Here’s Where to Start.

The Personal Effectiveness Assessment gives you a valuable benchmark for where you stand on the seven Personal Effectiveness Skills that are critical for career success today.