The world of work is changing.

Success in the new world of work will likely relate to your ability to communicate, collaborate, solve problems, and make good decisions. The Personal Effectiveness Assessment is designed to measure your current skill level, so you can focus on building your competence in these important skills.

Whether you're already highly accomplished in these Personal Effectiveness Skills, or would like to improve in one or two, the Personal Effectiveness Assessment will help you determine where to start and focus your efforts. You will find some of the following questions deal with situations. Try to relax, put yourself in each situation described, and answer honestly how you would react. There are no trick questions or unusual situations.

The Personal Effectiveness Assessment results will give you a sense of which skills you already have developed to a high skill level, and potentially, reveal other skills that may require a bit more development and/or practice. The results will be available for you to review as agreed upon by your employer.

We expect this assessment to take approximately 15 - 30 minutes to complete. You will find multiple choice, true/false, and ranking questions throughout the assessment. Please reduce the number of distractions while completing this assessment for best results. You may opt out of taking this assessment at any time; unless otherwise specified by your employer.